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stephen rose@ 8:33pm 08-11-2015
oh im so going to monowi
Replied on: 9:10am 08-12-2015

I'm glad you enjoyed the little note about Monowi. We visited the place twice. It's a neat place, and to see how Elsie takes care of the place is admirable.

Lou Ann Pugliese@ 10:15am 04-10-2012
Love love the story and video on the brother of Simon Marcus in London BRAVO!!!!
Elisabeth@ 1:52pm 07-02-2011
"Sealed with a kiss" is BEAUTIFUL!!!
barancoire@ 2:20pm 06-17-2011
Beautiful ('love') story!!!
Really liked to read how Hutch suffered and didn't dare to admit his love to Starsky. Especially loved the end...!!! )
sstormc@ 12:15pm 06-17-2011
I really liked this one, too! Great job!
sstormc@ 1:15pm 06-15-2011
Sammy, it's hard to believe English is your second language! I just read "Destined to be Together". It was a really neat story! You did a great job! Very touching.
Demi@ 4:51am 06-06-2011
Hi Sam... I love your stories. The way you bring out the friendship and the love the guys feel for each other is simply wonderful and so real. Waiting for your next story- Please keep on writing! I am so glad I found you.
Dan@ 6:36pm 03-06-2011
A really nice web site you have created. Great collection of pictures, which I enjoyed very much. Keep up the wonderful work!!